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School Management System

The software industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is offering advanced technology to various sectors and industries. The educational sector is no exception and there is a high demand for school management software and institute management software which is being used by a large number of educational institutes.

SMS is basically an intranet/internet/desktop based web application which enables students, faculty, school administration and as well as parents to access reports and get information about the daily activities of a particular educational institute. This software facilitates a smooth school management system and helps in running it efficiently. Accountability is another advantage which this software helps in achieving. The SMS is highly useful software that can be used by schools, colleges and institutes conducting technical and professional courses.

Admission and Registration
This student management software helps in the management of the entire admission process. The best part about this module is that it makes managing the admission details, personal details, marks, previous academic records, student interview details and much more. This campus ERP module automatically shortlists candidates and then automatically sends e-alerts to them. It also assigns roll nos., ID cards and access cards.

School Profile
It is a management system which contains all the details about the educational institutions. With them events, task and holidays can be scheduled in an efficient way. The calendar of these institutions can be customized. The term, semesters, working days etc. can be easily customized.

Student Management
This student management software facilitates the maintenance of complete details of the students. Their personal details including passport and health history, contacts, details about previous college/university etc. can be maintained. The students profile also enables to maintain their attendance, conduct, details about their counseling sessions and their track record.

Staff/ Faculty Management
This module maintains the personal information of the staff including personal contacts, their qualification and service history details. The module defines the leave structure, attendance details and staff discipline. Moreover, it also defines the staff teaching period and the subjects that are required to be taught in a particular class. The SMS module also enables to create time table based on constraints. The time table generated can be viewed according to day, class and teachers.

Time Table Scheduling
     Allows generating timetable based on constraints.
     Time Table can be viewed according to day, class and teachers.

The school management system which creates lesson plans for the entire year and a central learning plan. People can view the scheduled assignments, notices and events. It also facilitates to manage courses, subjects and the fee structure according to the session. It assists in grading the performance of the students depending on all the activities conducted in the campus.

The Campus management system also enables to easily compile exam reports and enable the faculty to easily analyse the performance of the students’.

Fee Management
The campus software also enables to maintain fees details based on course, terms, etc. There are different payment options available for students such as cash, cheque, credit card.

Library Management
This software also enables to maintain library rules. It facilitates maintenance of complete list of books. Books can be renewed and reserved. The software also provides the option to enrol both the student and the teacher. List of books and their quantity can be viewed. The maximum loan period and fine period for the library can also be maintained with this software.

Account Management
The account management module helps in streamlining the financial department of a college, school or a professional educational institute. It prevents duplicate entries of billing details. The software gets information from various sources and creates financial reports such as a ledger account, trail balance, balance sheet. etc of the educational institute.

Payroll Management
The payroll management software enables to calculate the salary and the payment of teaching/non-teaching staff. Salary details can be bifurcated with this software and salary certificates, salary slip and other related statements can also be created with this software.

Transport Management
The institute management software also helps in transportation Planning, Procurement and Management; Route Planning etc. Assignment and maintenance of the buses can be done in an easy way and provides other benefits in terms of managing all the information related to management in an easy way.

Hostel Management
This module of the college management system helps in the management of the residential facility of the institute. It keeps the all updated records of students, their meal, lodging and other facilities. Also, it provides the online status of room availability and allocations. Information can be gathered regarding rent, etc.

This software enables to create any type of report. Performance analysis can be made with the help of several types of graphs.