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Social Media Networking

A popular internet marketing methodology, affiliate marketing involves revenue sharing and commissions based marketing to generate more sales and are commonly used by price comparison websites, coupon websites, and even pure content websites.

Often overlooked by businesses, it can help generate a passive but continuous stream of traffic, when combined with other online advertising methods. The added benefit of affiliate marketing is a significantly lower amount of competing businesses, making it a great choice for startup ventures and new product launches.

MicroApps has a team of adept and deft network marketing experts who have created long term success for clients through smart, strategic marketing techniques.

     Ability to partner with high traffic blogs and websites to promote your product and business, giving a much needed boost to your product through its unique pay for action format.
     Reach new customers beyond the purview of search engines, print, and social media by reaching out to regular readers of a blog or website who may not be looking for your product directly.
     Track each sale through advanced reporting and metrics available by affiliate networks, using a unique affiliate ID which is given to each website and blog.
     Create an income stream through price comparison and coupon websites, helping you generate money and also get a profitable income.

     Initial consultation and discussion to determine scope for affiliate marketing taking into account factors like current business model, target audience, and available marketing methods.
     Ongoing support for current affiliate marketing strategies and development of new techniques for more traffic and sales.
     Regular updates about performance and sales or lead generation through affiliate advertising