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Search Engine Optimization

Majority of the consumers reach websites through search engines, making search engine optimization an integral component of your marketing efforts. Simply put, search engine optimization can help a business rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. It allows you to get long term return on investment and generate a continuous traffic stream, helping your business generate passive income year on year.

At MicroApps, a team of search engine optimization specialists along with the content development experts work with you to guarantee targeted traffic, increased visibility, and long term positioning to get impactful results. Our search engine optimization services include on page optimization and off page optimization.

On Page Optimization

Simply put, on page optimization refers to the factors on your website that affect its ranking on search engines. These may include codes, meta tags, and keywords. On page optimization involves tweaks and changes to image and alt tags and increasing or decreasing keyword density, which helps in ascertaining how well your website will be ranked against competitors.

On page optimization factors are completely under the control of a webmaster and can be changed easily.

Off Page Optimization

Unlike on page optimization, off page optimization factors are not under the control of the webmaster and require continuous effort to implement. These include factors like link building and page rank, which are increased by executing strategies such as article marketing, guest posting, and others

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization
     Long term results through keyword positioning that enable a website to stay in a higher ranking spot for months on end.
     A highly economical solution that does not require investment in pay per click models where each click needs to be paid for.
     Increased return on investment and more sales through increase in ranking.
     Increased visibility on search engines equals increase in traffic and a better user experience.
     Allows prospective customers to navigate websites effortlessly and creates a happier shopping experience.

     On page and off page optimization carried out by industry experts and certified professionals who have years of experience in creating powerful search engine optimization strategies.
     Ongoing, long term support for optimized websites to tap into off page optimization factors and increase visibility.
     Post optimization support for any tweaking or minor changes required.
     In depth consultation with our subject matter experts.

Why Choose Us
     Experienced and adept team of qualified specialists who spend time understanding your requirements to give you the best results within your budget.
     Budget friendly plans that are designed to provide you with long term sustainable solutions.
     A professional approach to handling client queries – empowering businesses and providing answers to all your questions in a timely manner