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Mobile Website Development

MicroApps delivers high quality, easy to use, cost efficient mobile websites that will generate value, increase customer loyalty and add revenue to your bottom line. Whether you're making sites for yourself or your clients, MicroApps is the answer.

The approach adopted at MicroApps is very simple for mobile website development and we do it quickly by following these three steps:

1. We gather the content from your site & the web
2. Re-organize it for the small screen
3. And create a whole new mobile-friendly website

You can create mobile-optimized websites quickly and easily even if you don't have any existing application programming interfaces. MicroApps's mobile-friendly features make it easy to access, fetch, migrate, transform and integrate data from your websites and apps and take it to the mobile platform.

Three benefits of MicroApps that you can leverage easily:

     Your customers find what they're looking for on their mobiles; and you convert leads to sales.
     The optimized mobile sites work on all smartphones and other connected devices like tablets.
     Changes in information on desktop websites are synced to mobile platforms in real time.