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Library Management

A library is a structured and organized assembly of information. A lot of books, magazines, manuscripts, maps, films, etc. are stored in a library and is available for borrowing or reference. Some of the typical challenges faced in a library are:

     Huge amount of scattered data
     System which lacks transparency
     Immense amount of manual work to keep track of the books, publishers, etc.
     Difficulty to refer and track old data
     Keeping track of the location of each and every information available

It is always difficult to maintain such tedious work manually which may lead to missing information, duplicate data and many such un-avoidable situations. To avoid such conditions it has become a necessity to implement a powerful library management system. This type of system helps the library management in their day-to day activities. It reduces paper work, saves time and provides complete management over the library.

MicroApps product Library Management System consists of a collection of program modules to compile one integrated software system. It helps in recordkeeping of each and every detail in a library. In order to provide a complete solution to administrative software for the libraries we have the best software solution.

In addition, we also work with the organization to identify their needs and develop customized versions to meet their exact requirements. Build with latest technologies from Microsoft, makes our product one of the most scalable, user friendly and reliable library management software. It provides unlimited storage of data for unlimited users with SQL Server 2008.

Features of Library management system software
     Customizable grouping of members under various Categories and Classes
     Customizable Fine Settings for various Categories of Members (Fine per day/Book return Period) Membership Subscription Period management
     Member's Fine Balance management facility.
     Powerful Search Facility for Book and Member Search based on various Search Criteria
     Barring of Book Issues to Book and/or Fine Defaulters
     Comprehensive Fields for Books and Member's Record to suit all requirements
     Magazine/Newspaper/CD Subscription management facility
     Multiple Library Location setup feature
     Complete management of records of Book-Donor, Vendor, Publisher, Author, Locations, Subjects, Categories, Designations/Classes, Rack-Shelf etc.
     Book-Reservation facility

Benefits of Automated Library System
For Library Management
     Cost effective and scalable for future option
     Lower manpower utilization in the library
     Ease of sorting, eliminating human errors
     Automatic and real-time update of database Flexibility to introduce new services
     Powerful search engine Custom field indices Maintain any media Auto filter and search Highly customizable
For Library User
     Ease and convenient to use Higher availability of items and articles due to faster turnover
     Ease of sorting, eliminating human errors
     Automatic and real-time update of database Flexibility to introduce new services
     Instant availability through book drop
     Shorter waiting time at borrowing point